How to Setup Belkin Wifi extender?

Belkin N600

Belkin is famous for providing a wide range of routing devices that offers fast, secure, and seamless internet access whenever needed. It doesn’t matter how many gadgets are connected with the Belkin WiFi extender. So those who are looking to have high-speed internet, then they all should use the Belkin extender. Therefore, here in this guide, we have provided the steps to setup Belkin. 

Also, with the setup procedure, we have discussed the features. So, those who have got a new router and looking for ways to setup Belkin WiFi extender should carefully read the information provided in this guide. 

The Belkin range extender allows the users to add several networks together either with an Ethernet Cable or a WiFi. Also, it has a built-in firewall feature that protects the network from viruses and online threats. The installation procedure is easy, and it works on Windows and Mac systems. If any user faces any complication, they can press the reset button to troubleshoot the issue. 

The users can easily install the Belkin Router through the Installation CD or manually. All users should carefully read the entire information provided here to accomplish the Belkin Setup procedure.

Features of Belkin WiFi Extender

Below mentioned are the features of the Belkin WiFi Extender.

  • The installation procedure is simple and easy.
  • It aims to deliver high-speed internet with an assurance of seamless wireless connectivity
  • It is easy to connect the Belkin range extender
  • It increases the network coverage throughout the workplace or the home

So, to match the speed of the internet, use the Belkin. If any user is looking for the setup procedure, they should continue reading the information provided here.

Steps to Setup Wifi Extender

All users are suggested to follow the steps provided below to setup Belkin WiFi range extender. So follow the steps as discussed:

  • Plug-in the range extender into a wall outlet
  • After this, connect the wireless device to the default SSID of the range extender.
  • Then open any suitable web browser and go to the official website to setup Belkin WiFi range extender.
  • Note: The user can also visit to access the setup page of Belkin WiFi range extender.
  • After this, click on the “Start Setup” option.
  • Then select the wireless network name. If the user is extending a dual-band router, then select the name of both wireless networks.
  • Note: If the name of the router is not mentioned in the list, then tap on the “Refresh” icon to update the list.
  • After this, enter the Wireless password and then tap on the “Next” option.
  • Now on the “secure your range extender” page, enter the admin password to access the extender settings.
  • The user can also create a hint password. 
  • Then click on the “Save” option.
  • After doing this, the range extender will restart. Now, wait until the LED light turns blue.
  • Then carefully connect the wireless device to the extender’s network name.
  • After this, click on the “Next” button.
  • So after applying these steps, the setup procedure will get complete. 
  • Then access the  http://belkin.range setup page and update its settings.

Thus through the help of these steps, the user can easily setup the Extender. If any user still faces issues with the setup procedure, they should reach the experts for assistance regarding the steps to setup Belkin WiFi extender.

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