How to Setup Belkin AC1200 Router?

Belkin AC1200

The users looking for a better speed out of your network, then Belkin AC1200 is for you. The Belkin router AC1200 provides the fastest wireless network on the devices that supports the wireless network. It is one of the leading routers that enables users to enjoy fast speed internet. Therefore, this is the reason why people prefer using the Belkin router.

The Belkin is an ideal router for the home as well as the workplace. Moreover, it offers excellent performance to its users. Along with its speed and performance, the Belkin AC1200 setup procedure is simple and straightforward.

The Belkin AC1200 makes use of intellisense technology to manage network performance. Moreover, it offers fast speed, easy setup, and parental controls, and many more features. Furthermore, through the methods provided below, the user can easily accomplish the Belkin AC1200 setup process.

Belkin AC1200 Setup Procedure

The Belkin AC1200 is compatible with any device, wired or wireless, but the users have to make sure that the firmware is the latest and updated. The Belkin range router is a plug and play router. But, the users must perform the setup procedure. 

The users can easily setup the Belkin AC1200 router. Therefore, once the user is done with the setup procedure, then they can experience fast web browsing on their connected device. So, here we have discussed the ways through which the user can easily setup the router. 

  • Firstly plug-in the Belkin AC1200 router to the power outlet and then power it “ON.”
  • After that, the users are suggested to refresh the system or phone WiFi network list.
  • After this, the name of the New Belkin Network will appear on the WiFi network list.
  • Then the users are suggested to connect with Belkin.setup.
  • After this, once connected then the user will get redirected automatically on the Belkin Router setup screen.
  • Note: If the user doesn’t get redirected to the setup screen, they are suggested to enter the http://belkin.range in the address bar.
  • Now once the user gets logged in to the Belkin router setup page, then follow the on-screen prompts to accomplish the Belkin AC1200 setup procedure.

How to Setup it with Ethernet Cable?

Apart from the aforementioned steps, the user can also setup Belkin AC1200 with the help of the Ethernet Cable. So, carry out the setup procedure as mentioned below.

  • The users are suggested to carefully connect the Belkin AC1200 router with their system via Ethernet Cable.
  • After this, plug-in the router into the power outlet via a power cord and turn it “ON.”
  • After this, proceed further and disable the Wifi connection on the system.
  • Now open the web browser and access the Belkin Setup page of the Belkin Router.
  • Note: Open http://belkin.range in the address bar and click on the “Get Started” option.
  • After this, follow the on-screen instructions and click on the WiFi network name.
  • Once the name appears on the screen, then highlight it and then click on “Next.”
  • After this, a pop-up window will open on the screen, saying, “A password is required to join this network.”
  • Then enter the password of the router and click on the “Next.”
  • After this, a page will appear to confirm the new network name and the password that the user will be using for the router.

So by performing these steps, the users can easily setup the Belkin AC1200 router via Ethernet Cable. Any user fails to carry out the setup procedure; they are suggested to take help from the professionals. Moreover, the experts will guide the user throughout the process and get their router setup quickly and conveniently.

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