Belkin Login 

Belkin Login

Prerequisites For Belkin Login

  1. The first and foremost condition is to have a Belkin account. 
  2. You need a stable internet connection for launching the Belkin login web page. If you are using the mobile internet, it must be 3G or 4G. 
  3. The browser from which you are accessing the Belkin website must be of an updated version. 
  4. Also, you must have the Belkin credentials for login into your account.
  5. But if you prefer to login with a social account, you must have a Facebook, Linked In or Twitter account. 

Belkin Login From mobile

  • From the home screen of your mobile locate your web browser and access it. 
  • In the address bar, type and tap the search icon.
  • Belkin’s homepage will be presented on your screen. Select between social or Belkin account and pick its radio button accordingly.
    • If you have already registered with Belkin, you should use a Belkin account. By doing so, you will see two different fields namely Belkin’s email address and password. Submit the required details and click Sign In. 
    • But if you don’t have a Belkin router login account, choose the Social Account option and provide its sign in details. Then, click the Login button.  
  • You have now logged into your account.


Q1. How do I register my Belkin Product? 

Pursue the detailed process if you want to register any of your products.

  • Login to your account by either providing your social account credentials or Belkin associated sign in details. 
  • After reaching to your account page, you will see the Support tab at the top panel of the page. 
  • Click on it and it will display a list of options on your screen. Select “Register a Product”. There is an alternative method also. Drag the cursor to the bottom-left corner and click on Register a Product link under the support section. 
  • Once the registration window pops up on your screen, You will be asked to select the Product Category or enter the model number of your device. So, click on the drop-down menu box given in the product category field and select your product. Also, if you are unable to locate your product, click on “Can’t find your product on this list”. 
  • Otherwise, tap on Where is my model number and enter it into its assigned field carefully. 
  • Another window will be shown on your screen. Here you will see two different fields of Purchase Date and Serial Number. Enter the details into their allotted fields. Also, serial Numbers are alphanumeric and consist of 12-14 characters. 
  • At last, click on Register a Product tab and thank you message will be shown on your screen. 

Q2. How to recover Belkin Login Password?

Type in the browser’s address bar. As you want to login to your account, but you don’t remember your passphrase, locate the password reset link. Click on it and it will display a pop-up box on your device screen. To reset your password, you have to provide your registered email address into the mentioned field. Following this, click on the Reset Password button.

With this, Belkin will send you an email for updating the new password. Firstly, find the mail into the inbox folder and click the recovery password link. Now, you will be taken to another window. Here you can easily set a new password. Ensure that the password you are setting is memorable. Also, it must be strong and difficult enough to neglect illegitimate and unofficial actions. So, give a new password into the first field. Also, verify your password by input it again into the given space. When you have provided the details, click on the Update button. Now, conduct the Belkin login process by using your new password.