Belkin Setup


Belkin Setup

Belkin is a renowned American manufacturer of superior network coverage devices. Routers, Extenders, Modems, Speakers, etc. are some of its highly-sold products. Using the Belkin routers and extenders, you can enjoy ultra-fast network connection with all your area’s covered. It helps you to elevate your wireless network experience. To make the best use of Belkin devices, you need to set up the products and manage them periodically. Belkin setup is a quick and uncomplicated process that you can accomplish without wasting much of your time and energy. For the ease of users, we have provided the complete thorough steps for your router and extender setup. This article will help you to enjoy an uninterrupted, error-free setup process.

Belkin Setup

Get to know the Process of Belkin Router Setup

For enjoying the high-speed network connectivity from your Belkin routers, you are needed to set them up. The process of the belkin range extender setup can be performed in two distinct ways. You can either make use of the setup CD that comes with the purchase box or perform the setup via a web-based setup window. You can opt for any of the available options as per your preference. 

The web-based Belkin router setup process is explained below. Here, you will get all the instructions thoroughly explained to help you enjoy a hassle-free router setup. 

  1. To start off the Belkin setup, you first have to unplug your modem from the electric socket. 
  2. Then, build a sturdy and stable connection between your Belkin router and modem. For this, you can use an ethernet cable.
  3. Next to this, plugin both the devices to the electric power outlet for a continuous power supply. Make sure the power LED of both the devices will change to a solid color. 
  4. Along with the modem, your Belkin router must also be connected to your computing device. You are provided with two options for forming a connection. Either you can do it wirelessly or via a wired method.
    1. Wired Connection: Take one end of the ethernet cable and affix it to the computer and another end of it to the router for a successful connection.

    2. Wireless Connection: First, turn your router upside down to know the default SSID and password. Then, move to your computing device and in the wireless network section, look for the default SSID and connect both the devices by entering the password.

  5. Once the stable connection is established successfully, you have to visit the web-based Belkin setup window. To reach there, you have to enter “http://router” or the default IP address of your router. Generally, the default IP address is “”. However, if this IP address does not work for your device, then search for the one associated with your model of Belkin router.
  6. As you do so, you might be required to perform the router login process. For this, click the “Belkin Login” tab from the top-right corner. Then, the password field will come into view. You have to either type “Admin” as the default password or leave the password field blank, depending upon your router model. 
  7. Following this, click the “Detect my connection” tab placed on your screen. This is needed for letting your router connect with the internet service provider. The process for your network detection might take a couple of minutes. Hence, wait for the process to come to an end.
  8. In doing so, you might be asked to restart your modem device or provide its username and password. Perform the required function for the successful Belkin setup. 
  9. Belkin will now start its search for the newer version of firmware available. If needed, it will update the newer version on your router. For the installation of the update, you will be asked to agree to its License Agreement. Read it and accept it to install the firmware.
  10. Once the firmware gets installed, you will get a window for providing a new name to your network, create a new password for it, and select its security type. Fill in the fields with the network name and password. The password you choose must be strong for saving your router from unlawful access. 
  11. After entering, press the “Save and Continue” tab for confirming the changes. The changes will start applying. In a time or two, the settings will get saved and you will get them on your screen for review. 
  12. As you click “Next” to step forward, you will be asked to register your router for the successful Belkin setup. Hit the “Registration” tab and complete the form that prompts on your screen. The form will ask you to enter some of your basic details. Fill in all the fields with appropriate detail and click “Continue”. You can also opt to skip this step and click “Register later” to perform the device registration in the future. 
  13. This will successfully complete the Belkin setup process. The dashboard of your router account will come into view. You can make the changes in the router settings from this dashboard and enjoy personalized Belkin experience.

Step-by-Step Procedure for the Setup of Belkin WiFi Range Extender

Belkin Wifi Range Extender is the product that boosts the wireless connection and multiples it to a number of times. This will help you to enjoy connectivity in each and every corner. Many a time, when a user faces several dead zones i.e. areas that do not receive connectivity, the wifi extenders will help them to fix the issue. Belkin offers its users with several top-rated extenders that are designed with innovative and best-in-class technology. To the best use of the extenders, you are required to perform their setup. The process for the same is described below.

Note: Before you commence the extender Belkin setup, you must be aware of your network SSID and password. Along with this, you need to have a Belkin wifi range extender, wifi compatible device, and an ethernet cable for wired setup. 

  1. The very first step of the extender Belkin setup is to plug in your extender to the wall electric outlet. 
  2. Next to this, you need to connect your extender to your computer system. For this, you have to choose from a wired or wireless method of connection. If opting for a wired method, take the cable and attach its end to the computer and extender. However, for wireless connectivity, choose the “belkin.setup” network and connect to it.
  3. Once done, you need to open a web browser on your computer system. You can access any of the secure and reliable browsers.
  4. In the address field of a web browser, you need to type in “belkin.range”. Press the “Enter” key from the keyboard after invading the web address. 
  5. The web-based Belkin setup window will now appear on your screen. Click the “Start” tab from the primary screen. 
  6. The Wireless network list will now come into view. Choose the network that you want to boost using your Belkin extender. Then, provide its passcode and hit the “Next” tab. 
  7. Followed to this, you will get the extended network SSID and password on your screen. Review the details and click “Create” to step ahead. You also get the option to edit the details. Hit “Edit” and make changes.
  8. Doing so, the process of extender Belkin setup will come to an end. You will be informed about the completion of the process with a successful message on your screen.


Q1. Can I perform the router setup on my smartphone?

Ans. Yes, the Belkin router setup can also be performed from your smart device. The process for the router setup via smartphone will remain the same as the Belkin setup from the computing device. However, you just need to connect your smart device with the router wirelessly using the default SSID and password. Later, as a web-based setup, you need to enter the IP address of your router in the web browser. By following the on-screen directions, you need to complete the process. You can also take the help above given instructions to get the process done. 

Q2. What is a Belkin Router Manager?

Ans. Belkin Router Manager is a piece of software that provides an easy interface to control the router settings and to make required changes to it. The following are some of the important points that you must know about the router manager. 

  • You can easily install the software from the Belkin Setup CD that you get inside the router purchase box. In case you don’t have access to the CD device, you can also download this software from the official  Belkin support window. 
  • Once the Belkin Router Manager gets installed, you can look for it into the “System tray” if you are a Windows user or in the “Menu bar” if you are using a Mac device.  
  • Belkin Router Manager can be either of White color or Amber color. The white color of the icon denotes that your system is connected to the router. However, the Amber color is the opposite i.e. system not connected to the router.
  • To get the options for making the required changes, you need to right-click its icon. The list of various options will now come up. You can select any of the preferred options from it.